Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: I have not yet earned a certification. Could I please see a sample?


Sure, click on the below link to display a sample certification in a new window:


Q: What certifications are available to pursue?


Currently, there are over 45 job skill certifications available for participants to earn. A catalog of certifications published by the National Institute of Continuing Education is available either in online "flipping page" format or for download through a new browser window via the following links:


Online Flipping Page Version:


Dowload PDF Version:


Q: How can I refer to the certification on my resume?


For an example of how to do this, please visit this link:


Q: How do I access my certification when I receive it by email?


For the steps to use in order to access your certification, please visit the following web address?


Q: Who is the "National Institute of Continuing Education"?


Using one of the nation's oldest online skill assessment platforms, with over 200,000 having used it since 2007, the National Institute of Continuing Education continues to serve hundreds of people a year. The National Institute of Continuing Education provides unsurpassed value for those looking to reenter the workforce, change jobs or simply upgrade their current skills for advancement. The Institute focuses its career success programs and job skill certifications on some of the most in-demand workplace skills to ensure you reach your goal: a better job. For more information about the Institute, please visit their website located at:


Q: I requested 2 certifications four days ago but I still have not received them. What's wrong?


Please note that certifications issued by the National Institute for Continuing Education are issued by email within 10 to 15 business days from when you made the request. While some people will receive the certification the day after they submitted their request, this is because they submitted their request the day before the scheduled batch of certifications was due to be sent out.


Q: Are these certifications recognized by employers?


Absolutely. Certifications like these have been issued to workforce development program participants and members of the public since 2005; some certifications of which having been previously issued and recognized by several U.S. universities in fact. The certifications simply state the awardee passed assessments related to particular skills and a particular certification area or job role. While they are not deemed to be equivalent to a degree or diploma you would earn at a four year University or College, earning these certifications does arguably give you a perceived advantage when applying for jobs when in competition with people who have equivalent experience but no certification like this.


Q: I earned certifications branded by the "National Business Services Alliance" in 2013. I'd like all my earned certifications to be branded by the same institution. Can I get those certifications re-branded to "National Institute of Continuing Education"?


Yes, please just send us an email via the "Contact Us" form link found in the top right corner of this page. On the next scheduled issuance of certifications in the month, we'll then issue you all your previously earned certifications; except they will all be branded by "National Institute of Continuing Education".


Q: Can I receive printed copies of my certifications by mail?


Unfortunately not. The cost of printing out certifications and sending them by regular post mail is prohibitive. All certifications are sent by email via a hyperlink found in the email. Copying and pasting the link into an Internet browser address line displays the certification in PDF format for all to review along with the ability to download or print it. In making it available this way, participants can print out the certification in the highest quality way they choose to, and the link is maintained for access indefinitely.

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